I am often asked “How do I gain more referrals?” The best way to gain referrals is to create an amazing reputation. How do you do this? Provide a “Wow” experience with your services. This means give something beyond and above what is expected. For example, whenever I finish leading a training course I always give an unexpected gift. Client’s eyes light up and it leaves a great lasting impression. I like to appreciate my clients and it creates a great reputation for my business. Most companies do not bother with a “Wow” factor so it is a great way to make a lasting impression. For your “Wow” factor consider giving a gift to clients right after providing your service. If your clients buy from you every year, a yearly gift is an excellent idea. Here are some great gift ideas:

  1. Hand written thank you note
  2. Gift food basket
  3. Gift of bath products for women
  4. Restaurant gift certificate
  5. Bottle of wine
  6. Tickets to the theatre or sporting event- ask them what they prefer
  7. Movie tickets
  8. Gift card for shopping mall or one of their favorite stores
  9. Gift card for Tim Hortons or Starbucks
  10. Free coffee/lunch/dinner/drink with you

Hope these tips are helpful for your businesses. Would love to hear the “Wow” you have provided for your clients. Reach out to me (416) 816-4302 jill@wellconnectedtoday.com

Jill Schoenhofer

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