Referral Acceleration Program

Referral Acceleration Program (1 Year)

An Overview

If you would like your sales team to gain referrals, measure their results and accelerate their business over a one year period, this program is a perfect fit. If your sales team is composed of independent agents or if they earn commissions, this program will assist with gaining referrals, learning and applying useful business skills with the end result of increasing sales. This program has been very helpful for financial planners, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, I.T. sales people and those who sell services.

Our Referral Acceleration Program starts off with our 3 week referral course, then includes a combination of live workshops every quarter of the year, weekly, video, education calls a signature course with the perk of driving exotic sports cars. Every quarter, we will let you know the progress of your sales team. The live training may be held either in your office boardroom or at our Markham office. The following Sections are included in our 1 year Referral Acceleration Program.

The Pricing and Timing

This program can start any time of the year and is based on a 1 year period. Ask for a custom quote for this Referral Acceleration Program. The price will depend on the size of your team.

Ask about a grant of up to 80% to go towards the cost of this one year program.

Contact us to see how this program will allow your sales team to succeed

The Details

This program contains the following sections:

Section 1. Be WellConnected Course, 3 Weeks

This training is for sales people who want to grow their business by referral. It takes place once per week, for three consecutive weeks. Each week the training is 3 hours in length. This course includes 3 easy steps to generate ongoing referrals and business. Financial planners and insurance agents earn 5 continuing education credits when taking this training from Advocis and The Institute of Advanced Financial Education (IAFE).

Section 2. Weekly Referral Coaching Calls

These calls will follow the 3 Week BE WellConnected Course

These calls will be conducted using Zoom video calls. Your sales team can log onto these calls from wherever it is convenient for them. These calls will be held for one hour on Mondays so your team will be both accountable, motivated and will learn marketing skills to start off their week. During each call, there will be a check in for each participant with their score cards, there will be an education segment with PowerPoint slides and peer to peer ideas on sales.

Section 3. Quarterly Referral Workshops

These 3 hour, live workshops will take place at your office boardroom or at our Markham office, 4 times per year

Topics may include:

  • Provide “Wow”factor for Ongoing Referrals
  • 10 Character Traits You Need to Succeed
  • An Effective Sales Process to Gain More Clients

More topics can be custom designed for your team

Section 4. Start Being WellConnected & Exotic Car Event

1 Day Signature Event

This signature event could be given to the top performers of your team or thank everyone in the one year acceleration program with this exciting day.

Your day includes our 3 hour Start Being WellConnected course at a Hamilton mansion plus the thrill of driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Austin Martin.

This 1 day signature event will take place in the summer or fall on a date which is convenient for your sales team.

Section 5. Quarterly Update Meetings

Find out how your team is doing. These meetings will be held with the person in charge of your sales team. We will cover the progress of your sales team, if needed, tweak the content of the referral coaching calls and workshops.

Section 6. Score Card App, New!

Ask about our new Score Card application that your team can use on their phone to track their referral activities. As a person in charge of the sales team, you will be able to see the weekly scores of everyone on your team. You will have their activities at your fingertips in an easy graph to track their progress. See how each sales team members are doing compared to their peers. Finally, you will be able to see how their referral activities affect their sales. There will be a yearly subscription fee for each sales person. Price to be determined upon the size of your team.

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