Build More Referrals For Your Business

  • Need More Clients and Referrals?
  • Frustrated with Networking?
  • Not Sure How To Answer “What Do You Do?”

Hi, I am Jill.

I will show you how to gain more referrals, clients and make more revenue with our Build More Referrals for Your Business coaching. Over the past 4 years as a certified coach, I have worked with financial planners, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, bookkeepers, consultants and real estate agents. I have over 30 ways to gain referrals I can share with you as a coach.

This coaching will be customized to your needs. Together we will choose from the following topics to forward your business:

  • Use the Score Card which is a list of weekly activities to generate on going referrals and prospect meetings
  • Define an ideal client with 10 characteristics so referrals come easily
  • Develop a networking message so you are comfortable when out networking
  • Design S.M.A.R.T. goals so that you take action to gain clients and avoid procrastination
  • Use a Weekly Work Assignment sheet to complete tasks required to forward your business
  • Be accountable to network where ideal client hangs out
  • Identify who can be referral partners to gain more referrals and clients
  • Create packages of your services so it is easy for clients to buy
  • Gain ideas on how to develop more exposure on line and in person
  • Distinguish new marketing ideas to gain more clients
  • Adapt our 5 Step Sales Process in order to make more sales
  • Develop and use a “To Do List” for being efficient with time management
  • Use 7 easy steps to create your own videos
  • Develop a “Wow” experience for your clients to gain ongoing business and referrals

Not sure if you want to jump in? Ask to book a One Hour FREE coaching meeting in person. Contact Jill at or give her a call at 416-816-4302.

Working with Jill one on one has been an absolute pleasure. She was able to connect me with other professionals who are eager to help. I was able to learn how to work with a wider range of clientele personalities which is a great benefit in my field. I highly recommend working with Jill if you wish to grow your business.

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If you are interested in finding out more about working with me, schedule a Free 45 minute discovery call. During that call we will discuss the vision for your business, gaining more clients by referral and some obstacles that are in your way of making the revenue you want.

Coaching Packages

Choose from the following coaching packages:

  • Gold

    6 meetings,
    one and a half hours in length
  • Platinum

    8 meetings,
    one and a half hours in length
  • Diamond

    12 meetings,
    one and a half hours in length

Each meeting is one and a half hours in length. They can be conducted with Video Zoom calls or in person at our Markham office.

We are located at 8500 Leslie Street, Suite 101 in Markham Ontario. We are on the South West corner of Leslie and Highway 7.

Ask about our Money back guarantee on all these packages.

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