Sales Training

Sales Training

Close More Sales

Have meetings but leave without making sales? This 3 hour training enables you to meet the right type of clients and make more sales. The following topics will be covered in this training:

  • Discover your existing perceptions about sales and improve them so you feel comfortable in all sales meetings
  • Assess others with Extended D.I.S.C. personality styles and tap into how potential clients are motivated
  • Define your ideal client so you have meetings with the right type of potential clients to sell more
  • Adapt the 5 step sales process to make more sales in your business
  • Identify client problems and figure out how your services will solve their challenges
  • Conduct meetings so they have direction and you gain sales
  • 3 Hours of training only $597 per person plus HST. Includes the Extended D.I.S.C. assessments. Ask about our corporate rate for your sales team.

The training Jill offers is unique to most businesses. I think the reality is that networking is not a natural skill for most and Jill’s approach offers anyone in business a systematic approach enabling people to learn and execute on this skill. She is a solid presenter, engages the room and introduces her participants to tools which make networking easy and part of their daily activities.

Michael Croxon
Owner, New Roads Automotive Group

Trade Show Success

Wish your team generated more sales at trade shows?

This 3 hour training includes a pre, during and after plan to generate more clients when exhibiting at trade shows. The following topics will be covered in this training:

  • Define your ideal client so you choose the right shows to bring in new business
  • Recognize the 3 Step Process to have a successful response
  • Calculate potential return on investment to see the value of exhibiting
  • Create offers that will generate immediate sales
  • Formulate effective signage that will draw people to your booth
  • Make a great first impression at your booth through conversation

3 Hours of training Only $497 per person plus HST.

Find out how this training will help your sales team be successful at trade shows.

Ask about our corporate rate for your sales team. Government grants are available.

Leadership Training

Ask about our many programs to support your mangers to succeed leading a team.

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