About Jill Schoenhofer

My Mission

My mission is to help you gain more referrals and clients regardless of what industry you are in. For that purpose, I continue to educate myself on referrals and use my Score Card, which is a measurable system to gain referrals. The score card is part of our training programs. Now I offer corporate training and coaching to those who want to gain more clients through word of mouth. Also, I educate sales people on referrals, sales and networking as a professional speaker in North America.

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About Me

Starting my career as an Account Executive in Toronto advertising agencies gave me a background in marketing which lead me to being a college teacher. When I was a teacher, I earned an MBA in marketing to learn more about marketing theories. My Adult Education Certificate from Seneca College enabled me to hone my teaching skills when I lead courses on marketing and also helped me lead referral training today. Extended D.I.S.C. personality styles are very useful when selling services. I have a passion for educating professionals on Extended D.I.S.C. and help them in business with my referral training and coaching programs.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I personally grow my business primarily through meeting people face to face. Nothing beats networking and building relationships!
  • Life is not fun without going sailing and meeting friends on the water on summer weekends. I also enjoy playing tennis year-round.
  • I love travelling to warm beaches in winter. If there is an away message on my phone or e mail, chances are I am on a warm holiday.

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