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Need More Referrals for Your Business?

For many of us, networking and generating new business is daunting. Gaining referrals is an excellent way to gain more clients and grow your business. Most people do not know how to clearly describe what they do so others understand and want to do business with them. Many of us are not comfortable networking and are at a loss how to have engaging conversations that lead to new business.

There is up to a 68% chance of gaining a new client when you receive a referral

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How We Can Help Your Business

Corporate Referral Training

This training is for sales people who want to grow their business by referral. It takes place once per week, for three consecutive weeks. It includes 3 easy steps.

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Professional Speaking

Jill’s keynotes are inspiring, interactive and informative. Her message gets teams learning and implementing useful ideas to be successful in business.

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Referral Coaching

I will show you how to gain more referrals, clients and make more revenue with our Build More Referrals for Your Business coaching.

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I’m Here to Help You

I know how it feels to not have enough clients and be unhappy with your business. You know there must be a way to gain clients, be successful, and make the money you want.

  • Are you struggling with how to gain clients?
  • You don’t know where to network to meet the right people?
  • Do you feel you offer a great service, but not enough people are buying from you?

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